Is Italy Dying?

The answer to that obviously is no. Countries do not “die,” people do. Still, with a zero population growth and an economy stopped dead in its tracks by decades of mismanagement, Italy’s Government for Change would do better to snap the Country out of its infatuation with Keynesian economics and concentrate on the business of … More Is Italy Dying?

L’inchiesta non sta in piedi. Così si smontano le accuse rivolte al segretario leghista

Originally posted on Paolo Becchi:
di Paolo Becchi e Giuseppe Palma su Libero, 29/08/2018 Nessuno dei tre reati contestati dal pubblico ministero di Agrigento, Luigi Patronaggio, al vicepremier Matteo Salvini per il caso della nave Diciotti ha fondamento giuridico. Sequestro di persona, arresto illegale e abuso d’ufficio: ecco le tre accuse smontate a una a…

What would you rather take, “their money” or “their lives”?

Highwaymen were robbers who stole from travellers. In England the practice reached its peak between 1660 and the early 1700’s. They would attack defenseless stagecoaches and solitary travellers on horseback often yelling, “Stand and delivery your purse (or your money)” or the concise but equally significant, “Your money or your life”! In Italy similiar occurrences … More What would you rather take, “their money” or “their lives”?


By the world financial markets of course! Nor by the big three Credit Rating Agencies (Moody’s, Standard and Poor’s and Fitch). If Italy prefers not to cut its national debt, that’s her business and nobody else’s except perhaps Italian voters and taxpayers. Hey, what can I say that hasn’t already been said? Not much. Di … More DI MAIO SAYS ITALY WILL NOT BE BULLIED AROUND!