To Brexit or not to Brexit: That is the question!

The English have never truly been “in Europe”. Europe’s failings and the unhappiness of the English with the EU have much to do with their own less than whole-hearted support and participation.  If the EU and the Euro are less than successful, then surely some of the responsibility lies with the English themselves. They complain about the bureaucrats in Brussels and Strasbourg running amuck with needlessly complicated laws and bureaucracy (and they make a compelling point) but then the English have never fought from within to bring to bear the greater pragmatism, conciseness and clarity of the common law legal tradition as opposed to the more cumbersome and excessively bureaucratic civil law tradition of the continentals. By not fighting the good fight from within (unusual for a people that prides itself in having a “stiff upper lip”), the English have, in fact, abdicated and left the playing field to the continentals under German leadership). What with the Arab World in turmoil, Russia and Turkey left brooding on the sideline, should the EU collapse, thanks also to the defection of the English, it would be so much the worse for us all, none excluded.

Unfortunately, few seem to recognize that one of the keys to resolving the question of Brexit and the EU not to mention the other strategic issues left festering on the sidelines, especially in view of America’s threatened return to isolationism, depends upon the close cooperation of England and Germany, which must find a way to bury whatever “hatchet” may have survived WWII that apparently keeps them from playing on the same team for the benefit of all. Europe needs England just as much as England needs Europe and both need the Euro and the Pound Sterling. Together the possibilities are endless and worth the time and effort to iron out. If Greece can survive (as it has for centuries) alone, then obviously so too can the United Kingdom. None of the Nations of Europe need prove they can go it alone for they would not otherwise have weathered the two thousand years that separate us from Rome. Going into Brexit everyone would do well to think through their options before the centrifugal forces unleashed by a Brexit rip Europe asunder, dealing the West a blow from which none of us may ever recover.

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