“Igor”, still on the loose!

If you are in a 50 km radius of Budrio beware of “Igor”!  The cold-blooded killer of the Budrio barman who tried to disarm him a few days ago and died trying, is  presumed to be an ex-Russian special forces guy, whose real name may be Ivan Vaclavic according to Italian Police.  Notwithstanding the “Cacciatori di Calabria“, an elite Swat team of the Carabinieri experienced in tracking down and fighting the local mafia, “Igor” continues to be on the loose, armed and very dangerous. Presumably, under orders to shoot first and ask questions later, the State Police and the Carabinieri seem powerless and unable to apprehend “Igor”. Spotted by two forest rangers in a wooded area near Ferrara, “Igor” disarmed and killed the first ranger with the the officer’s service revolver and immediately turned and fired on the second forest ranger  seriously wounding him before the ranger could draw his gun. Illusive to say the least, Igor or Ivan apparently broke through one police roadblock, simply by getting out of his car and running across an open field not long after shooting the two forest rangers. Evidently, the police and Carabinieri have still not been authorized to shoot.  According to the Authorities, the area has been flooded with hundreds of police officers and Carabinieri, and it is only a matter of time before he is finally caught. How, of course, is anybody’s guess.

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