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Recent shootings during the course of armed robberies in Italy (and America) have added unnecessary fuel to the fire of the forever ongoing debate over Italy’s rules of self-defense judged to be heavily slanted against honest citizens. Nothing however, has stirred the public more than the recent shooting of the unarmed proprietor of a small bar in a little town on the outskirts of Bologna called “Budrio”.

Here the armed robber, presumably an east European ex-special forces guy named Igor, barged into the bar waiving a shotgun. The owner, Davide Fabbri, age 52 acting clearly out of instinct jumped the man to disarm him and in the melee wound up getting the worst of it by taking a bullet to the neck that quickly killed him. The people in the bar were stunned and could do nothing. The armed assailant sped out of the store leaving his shotgun in the bar but returned soon thereafter to collect his weapon, clearly showing his contempt for the townspeople and the police. Where was the police you ask? They came after the gunman had left. Someone in command finally unbridled an Italian SWAT team to flush out and get this guy before he does more damage. Like other criminal imports this special forces guy had been in and out of Italian jails more than once since making “il Bel Paese” his base of operations. Italy can’t seem to attract enough foreign investors but it sure knows how to attract its share of foreign hoods. After all, why not? The money’s good and the risks are low. Bellissimo!!!

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