General Elections Anyone?

Italians may be called to the polls this fall, sometime between September and October. The “system” has seemingly opted for a return to Italy’s parliamentary past, i.e. before the birth of the so-called “Second Republic” ushered in by Silvio Berlusconi back in the ’90s. For years thereafter the Italian Constitution of 1947 was essentially modified by “course of dealing” as the major political forces agreed to … Continue reading General Elections Anyone?

Tattoo, in honor of the fallen in London

A word of sympathy for those that lost their lives on 3 June 2017 in yet another sensless attack on unarmed civilians in and around the London Bridge area of the Capital at the hands of religious fanatics unable to deal with life in a free, pluralistic society. To the families and friends of the fallen go our prayers and condolences. Lest these attacks, however, … Continue reading Tattoo, in honor of the fallen in London