Dual Status for South Tyroleans?

A recent proposal by an Austrian politician of the “right” to extend dual status rights including passports to residents of the “South Tyrol”, which by the way coincides with the already self-governing, bi-lingual German-Italian speaking, province of Bolzano, has “liberal” Italy in a tizzy. With elections around the corner expect to hear “tutto ed il contrario di tutto” from the Italian mainstream press, which is … Continue reading Dual Status for South Tyroleans?


Lasciate stare il can che dorme!

  E’ ciò che dovrebbero fare gli italiani, almeno per quanto riguarda Igor. Politici italiani probabilmente ansiosi di guadagnare consensi e voti alle prossime elezioni stanno pressando gli spagnoli perché Igor – un mini assassino di massa – sia estradato al più presto in Italia. Qualche giorno or sono un magistrato locale ha interrogato Igor in merito all’estradizione e tramite il suo interprete ha fatto … Continue reading Lasciate stare il can che dorme!

Let sleeping dogs lie!

Is what the Italians would be better off doing, at least as far as Igor is concerned. Italian politicians probably hoping to get some extra votes in the coming elections are pressing Spain to extradite this “‘mini’ mass murderer” to Italy. Just a day or so ago, a Spanish Judge questioned him on the matter and, through an Italian interpreter Igor made known that he … Continue reading Let sleeping dogs lie!

Igor, gotcha! …. in España? Finally, ¡Olé!

The word is in that Igor (see past posts on this blog) was finally caught last night, not in Italy but in Spain somewhere near Granada where despite Rajoy’s “right-wing” government (sic!) even the Guardia Civil are evidently under orders to treat armed and dangerous killers with kit gloves! Sad, because two officers and a civilian lost their lives to make sure Igor could be apprehended … Continue reading Igor, gotcha! …. in España? Finally, ¡Olé!