Igor, gotcha! …. in España? Finally, ¡Olé!

The word is in that Igor (see past posts on this blog) was finally caught last night, not in Italy but in Spain somewhere near Granada where despite Rajoy’s “right-wing” government (sic!) even the Guardia Civil are evidently under orders to treat armed and dangerous killers with kit gloves! Sad, because two officers and a civilian lost their lives to make sure Igor could be apprehended without a scratch! Europe, imbued with its liberal philosophy and a “Jean Valjean” syndrome that gets honest citizens to identify more with crooks than with the justice system, is suffering from slow growth and low pay in practically every industry but crime. Perhaps the country most sought after by crooks from the global community is Italy, where the only ones that can shoot without risk of being indicted for illegal possession, excessive use of force or abuse of self-defense, are hoodlums. In Italy, if the police or carabinieri catch them, suspects are entitled to free counsel and three “degrees” of Italy’s snail-paced judicial system where even a criminal trial can take decades before res judicata kicks in and they can throw the guy definitely in prison for whatever is left of his jail term. If you get accidentally shot while on the “job” by one of those rare Italian cowboys, not to worry, if the world’s second best national health care system can’t patch you up, your next of kin can sue your uncooperative target for the damages. Bellissimo! The left has made sure Italy is a haven for no one but criminals.

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