Let sleeping dogs lie!

Is what the Italians would be better off doing, at least as far as Igor is concerned. Italian politicians probably hoping to get some extra votes in the coming elections are pressing Spain to extradite this “‘mini’ mass murderer” to Italy. Just a day or so ago, a Spanish Judge questioned him on the matter and, through an Italian interpreter Igor made known that he had nothing against being extradited to Italy. Of course not. Why should he? The guy knows little or nothing about Spain. On the other hand he knows Italy like a book. Igor has been in (and out) of Italian jails and knows the Italian justice system doesn’t work. As for Italian cops, well he managed to escape from a 1,000 man dragnet that included a special forces unit and knows their hands are tied. Even being “armed and dangerous” carries little meaning in a country where cops are not licensed to shoot first under any circumstances.

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