Italy’s General Elections

Italians are the most highly taxed people in all of the EU. Intoxicated by seventy years of governments increasingly left of center and antifascist propaganda, Italians have been brainwashed into believing in big government and centralization, Keynesian economics and binge public spending, made possible by their hard-earned tax Euros. Their income tax system is now based on five “progressive” tax brackets the highest of which reaches a top rate of 43%. For people that cannot hide their  income, which accounts for the vast majority of Italians who are either civil servants employed by one of the many Italian government agencies or employees of Italy’s small and beleaguered private sector, direct taxation and indirect taxation (mostly represented by VAT), takes more than 60% of gross income. But, you can’t miss what you’ve never had and most Italians never get to see the “gross” amount they “earn” because of withholding at the source. Bellissimo!


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