Lessons to be learned from the recent Italian Elections

The recent elections appear to have finished the job begun in 1992 by the “Clean Hands” investigations of the Milan DA Office into the political corruption trials that wiped out the pro-western parties of the Italian political system, leaving only the pro-iron curtain parties standing, namely, the Partito Comunista Italiano. Although this party, almost sensing the judiciary’s attack on the “western-bloc” parties began morphing almost concurrently with Mani Puliteinto what ultimately became known as the Partito Democratico, sometimes called progressisti or antifascisti or simply, la sinistra, the elections of March 4, 2018, sparked an electoral “big-bang” that seems to have put an end to the agony of the  ex-communists, eliminating the last standard bearer of the cold-war years that polluted Italian domestic politics.

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