Are the days of Italy’s one thousand-man parliament numbered?

Wow, that’s a tough question to answer. My instincts say yes but hey, it’s anybody’s guess as to what will really happen. Italians are not for making tranchant decisions. They talk fast but think and work prudently, which is a euphemism for slow. Their political jive is ambiguous and purposely so. Remaining non committal is very much the Italian thing to do, especially if you are an MP, i.e., a Member of Parliament, making tons of money each and every year simply for showing up and sitting (i.e., when you have nothing better to do) in the Italian House or Senate to vote on the thousands of bills that are eventually voted into law yearly by Parliament.

As the days from the electoral big-bang keep tolling and with government talks at a standstill, Mattarella the Head of State (but not of “government”) is running out of  patience, time and options. He is a mild mannered person. Soft spoken but firm, so say his colleagues. The problem is that he like so many in the political system are people formed during the cold war years. Nothing wrong with having accumulated a wealth of experience and still being fit enough (thanks also to the world’s no. 2 NHS) to give your contribution to making Italia great again. But Italian cold war leaders seemingly still have an axe to grind either for or against communism (not fascism because Italians have been cured of that political disease by 70 plus years of McCarthyism Italian-style), a fact that could cloud Mattarella’s better judgement.

Responsibility for the big-bang rests mainly on the hard times of the last twenty-five years or so. Wether due to what little capitalism or how much communism there is in the Italian economy matters little. What is important is that since Mario Monti’s appearance back in 2011, his remedies have accelerated the country’s descent into depression, unemployment and poverty. The irony is that the proletarian levels touched today by the Italian working class have been achieved thanks to the left’s efforts to protect their protégées the workers from capitalists foreign and domestic (sic)! People like Camusso and other labor leaders are responsible for the plonge yet they want the votes of the jobless they helped push out of the market thanks to their anti-business policies. George Orwell where are you?

In addition to its one-thousand man parliament, Italy is beset by money grubbing politicians at all levels of Italy’s single jurisdiction or unitary state. Sicily has millions of civil servants on that self-governing region’s budget. Three or four times the number of civil servants in Lombardy which has a resident population twice that of Sicily. Still the Sicilian region cries out to Rome for “government” aid. But that is where the Euro Schein stops! The last elections took a markedly unItalian turn for the politicians who may for the first time in history be forced to fight it out amongst themselves for a place at the dinner table. In Italy the saying has always been cane non manga cane, meaning “dogs don’t eat other dogs”. And unlike in English-speaking countries, in Italy it has rarely been “a dog eat dog world,” not until now that is. But that could all end soon.

The people despite proportional efforts to send them back in time to the First Republic have by their votes said they no longer wish to keep feeding all of the politicians at their expense. For the simple reason that they are not worth the enormous cost. Not all will be allowed to continue to sit at the Italian dinner table and eat like they were once accustomed to eating. Politicians should not be allowed to continue impoverishing Italians without paying their fair share. But will the people’s basta be enough?

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