Leaving politics, aside for a moment or two: If you can’t trust an insurance company, who can you trust?

The following is a true account of the inexcusable mishandling by a major Italian Insurance Company of a reimbursement for an incident covered and approved by the Insurers:

The Author took out a basic family medical insurance policy with a Major Insurance Company of Bologna, Italy, some ten years or so ago. Since then we have regularly paid the annual premiums.

Recently my wife had to be fitted with hearing aides. In Italy, they are very expensive and so after buying and paying the € 5.500,00 for two hearing aides, we put in our claim for reimbursement with the insurance company. This was in March of 2018. After some time the Insurers approved the claim minus a deductible of € 2.600,00 and agreed to reimburse us for € 2.900,00-

A first wire transfer was attempted on 3 July but to an old joint checking account closed out a few years back. The wire went to our old bank account and was rejected. I found out about the error on the same day and immediately communicated the new and correct IBAN number to our Insurers. That was on 3 July 2018. Our broker also notified the Insurers of the error and new IBAN account number on the 4th of July which in Italy is not a national holiday.

Seventeen days later we are still waiting to receive our reimbursement. Our Brokers have no clue as to what may have happened and have received no explanations from the Insurers despite daily solicitations. No one from the Insurance Company has had the common courtesy to phone and apologize or advise the CRO number of the wire transfer or when a new transfer will be made and the date we can expect to be credited with the reimbursement.

The moral of the story? I don’t know; you tell me!?!

2 thoughts on “Leaving politics, aside for a moment or two: If you can’t trust an insurance company, who can you trust?

    1. Grazie Allen per il Tuo commento. Non ho problemi ad approvare ciò che dici. E’ la tua opinione e vale quanto l’opinione mia o quella di un assicuratore. Sono anni che lavoro con l’Assicurazione in questione ed in passato hanno sempre onorato i loro impegni. Pertanto, preferisco pensare in un disguido piuttosto che una truffa. Con i tempi che corrono, temo che possano avere dei problemi di “cash flow” e quindi che possano giocare sui giorni di valuta o più semplicemente qualcuno ha commesso un “marone” come si dice a Bologna. D’altra parte i numeri IBAN sono lunghi 27 cifre … una persona anche intelligente ed istruita può sbagliare facilmente, dopo tutto quando non si tratta di soldi “tuoi”. Però lascia l’amaro in bocca, questo sì. Vedremo la settimana prossima se mi arriva il bonifico. Grazie, e a presto!

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