What would you rather take, “their money” or “their lives”?

Highwaymen were robbers who stole from travellers. In England the practice reached its peak between 1660 and the early 1700’s. They would attack defenseless stagecoaches and solitary travellers on horseback often yelling, “Stand and delivery your purse (or your money)” or the concise but equally significant, “Your money or your life”! In Italy similiar occurrences dated from the mid 13th Century with Ghino di Tacco and other famous “bandits”. The question is what do highwaymen have to do with the collapse of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa and Italy’s new Government? Read on and see for yourselves ….

4 thoughts on “What would you rather take, “their money” or “their lives”?

  1. Sono un avvocato negli Stati Uniti e non riesco a capire la logica di gran parte della legge italiana.

    L’Italia ha sicuramente molte volte le leggi degli Stati Uniti, MA NON SONO APPLICATE QUASI MAI.

    L’orribile crollo del ponte ha lasciato tutti puntare le dita. Ciò non riporterà i morti né porterà cambiamenti necessari nelle leggi. Le infrastrutture in Italia necessitano di intervento. Ma le domande sono sempre chi paga. L’incredibile IVA potrebbe essere deviata per alcuni di questi lavori. Tuttavia, i politici preferirebbero mettere quei soldi nelle loro tasche. La storia non cambia mai, ma ho ancora fiducia in Salvini.

    Continuiamo a sperare in bene….

    1. Grazie per il tuo contributo Allen … I am by education, training and experience an in-house lawyer turned independent consultant (business lawyer). A transactional lawyer specialized in cross-border transactons. On referral of a New York Law Firm, I helped a US businessman end a lawsuit he had initiated against his neighbor who had inadvertently trespassed onto his Tuscan property and cut down a considerable number of trees. My client did not know me at the time and he listened to the advice of a local lawyer who encouraged him to sue his neighbors for a substantial some of money in damages. To make a long story short, after ten years they finally got a 1st instance judgement, which cost him more in legal fees than what the Court liquidated in damages. I told him that had we known each other from the start, I would have suggested he file the suit but only to bring the defendants to settle at the first opportunity. Italian forums are great for defensive purposes but you really don’t want to sue as a Plaintiff except under exceptional circumstances. This system is debtor biased and good lawyers can keep plaintiffs at bay for years.

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