The case for federalism in Italy and the EU

Two articles a week apart by Francesco Alberoni on the Sunday issue of the Corriere Della Sera seem to agree with this blogger. Like I do, Alberoni also believes that it would have been better to unify the Country around a federal system from day one. Both of us agree that for the EU to succeed, it too must also go federal, preferably with each … Continue reading The case for federalism in Italy and the EU

Federalism, the answer to Italy’s peculiarities?

To all interested in Italian affairs, it has become increasingly apparent that Italy is perceived more and more like a problem by the EU. Wait a minute! An Italian “Question”? Most of you will have heard about the so-called “Southern Question,” i.e., the problem posed Italy by its underdeveloped South. In the heading, the word “peculiarities” was chosen to express similar differences in respect to … Continue reading Federalism, the answer to Italy’s peculiarities?

Buon Anno a tutti!

E che il 2019 porti salute, prosperità e meno tasse. Il mio ultimo post era dell’8 novembre 2018 e riguardava la prescrizione e la decisione del governo di sveltire i processi al rallentatore che umiliano il sistema giudiziale italiano. Per coloro che mi seguono su Facebook, Twitter o LinkedIn, è chiaro qual è il motivo del mio lungo silenzio. Mio cugino Gaspare che è un … Continue reading Buon Anno a tutti!

Happy New Year to you all!

First, may 2019 bring good health, prosperity and fewer taxes. My last post was dated November 8, 2018, and concerned itself with the Italian statute of limitations and the Government’s determination to speed up trials in Italy’s snail-paced judicial system. For those of you who follow me on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn you know the reason for the long silence. My cousin Gaspare who is … Continue reading Happy New Year to you all!