Happy New Year to you all!

First, may 2019 bring good health, prosperity and fewer taxes.

My last post was dated November 8, 2018, and concerned itself with the Italian statute of limitations and the Government’s determination to speed up trials in Italy’s snail-paced judicial system.

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn you know the reason for the long silence. My cousin Gaspare who is a 64-year-old senior citizen with Down syndrome was hospitalized on Christmas Eve and fitted with a pacemaker. He has no other living relative in Italy except me who is also his court-appointed guardian.

The other reason you have not yet heard from me in a while has to do with the Italian political situation: it is becoming increasingly garbled and confused, difficult to decipher and translate into Italian, let alone English.

Starting on Monday, January 28, however, I will be updating my blog on a regular, weekly basis. See you soon!

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