Where do you think you’re going without a face mask?

Today a technician came to check out and clean our apartment’s air conditioning system made up of two wall-mounted indoor units and their outdoor motors. He arrived wearing a face mask and rubber gloves. My wife and I greeted him with face masks and rubber gloves on.

By now its become a habit for all (or most) of us, at least  in this part of Italy.

At home my wife and I keep three masks each and a box of rubber gloves, which however is running low and, according to my wife, once we run out, it will be some time before we come up with more. Supermarkets in Modena are tapped out. And so a smile comes over me as I think that maybe the title of this post should have been:

“Where do you think you’re going without gloves?”

Up until a short while ago the reverse was true: there were no face masks to be found anywhere. Then some businessman decided to start a new line of production and began manufacturing face masks. Let’s hope the guy also starts making rubber gloves.

Funny how one always seems to be short of what one needs most?

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