Think Twice Before Moving To Italy!

Italians are nice and their food is exceptional. They also have a National Health System second only to that of France, which is no small achievement. After that, well…

Other than the NHS nothing else works as well. Not the legal system, perennially being tweaked. (I should know I studied Law here. Obsolete when I was a young student, imagine today, after decades of treading water. A Lawyer by the name of Cartabia was given Mission Impossible: reform the lock, stock, and barrel. Good luck!

I say the system cannot be reformed and Italians would do better chucking their antiquated, Church-based system of law by simply adapting the French system, which is a fine example of what a good Civil Law System is and/or should be.

All Italians would have to do is translate the Codes and Procedure into Italian, which is easy to do because the two languages and cultures are so close as to be for all intents and purposes, the same. In other posts and articles, I write about the uncanny similarities, which unite the two neighbors.

Indeed, France and Italy could well have merged into one, at least as far south as Tuscany. The Deep South or former Kingdom of Naples / Kingdom of The Two Sicily’s is a totally different matter altogether. But you can find a wealth of information on the Internet, including Youtube that explains in relatively simple terms why the Italian South never got back into the ballgame after the Papacy lost Constantinople to Islam.

So much for a bird’s eye view of the historical background.

As for the practical reasons why I would discourage Americans or other Europeans from moving to Italy is the bureaucracy and countless taxes that can hit you when you least expect it. An example?

Yesterday I called an Italian surveyor to measure my apartment with an attic used as a store-room and a cellar, which I had paneled years ago to make a space for myself, a sort of office where I hang out and where I have put up my many diplomas and degrees, including my US Army Commission and Honorable Discharge.

Everything went well until the surveyor saw “my space”. This is not registered with the City Authorities and is in flagrant violation of City Ordinances. It’s not that you can’t do it but you should have asked for a permit and paid the relevant fees & taxes. Hey, I did not know, and the company that did the work did not tell me. But no matter, how much is it going to cost me? Well, between my fees and the City’s sanctions you’re probably looking at about Euro 2.500,00 maybe more?

Now the above is just one of the countless reasons why no one should seriously think about investing, let alone moving to Italy. That sort of shit happens all the time. The so-called “hidden costs” could kill whatever project you have in mind. To me, it just ain’t worth the hassle.

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