Italy, A Land Forever Haunted By The Ghost of Mussolini?

With the sudden collapse of the Draghi Administration, President Mattarella disbanded Italy’s Parliament of about one thousand MPs and called general elections to be held on September 25, less than one month away.

Immediately, Antifas began calling on Italians to beware of the ever-present fascist threat to Italian democracy.

Lurking in the open are their targets: Giorgia Meloni, a middle-aged Mother that hopes to turn her Brothers of Italy (FDI) Party into a modern Conservative political force, which middle-class Italians can readily vote. Next to her stands Matteo Salvini, a middle-aged family man with a beard and pot belly. Salvini is “Captain” of the Lega Party, looking to regain votes lost in northern districts. With the immortal Silvio Berlusconi forever at the helm of his Forza Italia Party, the above “Center-Right Coalition” could corner well over 40% of the popular votes, enough to give the “Dems” a run for their money in the upcoming elections.

Ironically, the only thing that can stop the Center-Right Coalition from running away with the competition is the fear of a Ghost called Benito Mussolini, a man long-dead.

Propaganda by the descendants of Italy’s once powerful Communist Party would like Italians to believe that Giorgia, Matteo, and Silvio, once in Power, would do away with the democratic process and transform Italy into a totalitarian State.

The Dems had better come up with a better argument and fast before they are voted into oblivion!

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