About me

Hi, I am an Italian-American ex-pat and long-term resident of Italy. “FATCA” compliant even before this “bad” idea-turned-treaty went into effect between Italia and the USA. I earned my Italian law degree at the University of Bologna and began my career as in-house counsel for the Milan subsidiary of a major US multinational. After doing my thing in Milan, I returned to the greater Modena / Bologna area where I soon met the love of my life, married and decided to settle down.

Born “Paolo”, my Italian (and American) friends call me “Paul” because of my American connection. An avid reader that likes to write and travel, I am multilingual (English, Italian, French, Spanish and German) and passionate about my work as an international business consultant (my forte is drafting and negotiating international commercial agreements). An expert in cross-border transactions, I have many interests, including music and photography and strong views about the law and politics, which often put me ad odds with the mainstream press. I look forward to sharing some of those views with you in this unusual blog on the fascinating history, culture and politics of the “Bel Paese”!

Should you also be on the lookout for different views and perspectives on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the following links should provide you with some interesting food for thought: Breitbart and The Last Refuge.