More views of “Il Cimone” or Big Peak from Riccò di Serramazzoni

Riccò is an Italian hamlet situated opposite Monfestino in the Town of Serramazzoni (MO) at about 600 MSL. It is easy to get to from the City of Modena. Just take the “Nuova Estense” due west for about 25 kms turn left when you see the road sign indicating Riccò and go up the winding road for a few kms. until you reach the Town. The hamlet is home to some 600 local residents but many more “crowd” into the wide open spaces of the surrounding countryside where many a Modenese have their second homes for their summer and winter getaways! Imagine the Adirondack Mountains at a half-hour’s drive from New York? An outdoor paradise worth seeing when you’re in the area. If you continue going west you cross over into Tuscany and the beautiful Valley of the Garfagnana. Bellissimo!