Monte Cimone / “Big Peak”

Only 30 Kms. from Modena by way of “La Nuova Estense” or ‘fondovalle’ as the locals call it and you are in “Marlboro Country”! Welcome to the High Apennines of Modena. Breathtaking sites and towns, where one can find excellent accommodations for a weekend or more. Skiers will find it convenient to get to and with decent slopes and good facilities .. what more could a down-hill champ ask for? The food is excellent and the vino is lambrusco. First come, first serve!

In the High Modenese Appenines some 30 Kms. from the City
Monte Cimone visto da Riccò di Serramazzoni (MO)
Cimone Mountain as seen from Riccò di Serramazzoni (MO)